Summary of Key questions to the Personal Project (PP)

In this guide you'll find answers on these questions:
1.	What is a Personal project (PP)?
2.	What are the Areas of Interaction (AOI)?
3.	Why is the project called "Personal"?
4.	What forms can the PP take?
5.	How will the PP be assessed?
6.	Why is the PP different than other works done before?
7.	Who are a PP Coordinator, a Supervisor and Consultants?
8.	How will the work on the PP be structured and what are the deadlines?
9.	What you should keep in mind while working on your PP?

What is a Personal project (PP)?

It is a product of your own initiative and should reflect your own experience of MYP as well as your involvement with the five areas of interaction. It provides an excellent opportunity for you to show your talent, enthusiasm and creativity in the areas of interaction and demonstrate the skills you have developed in Approaches to Learning.

What are the Areas of Interaction (AOI)?

They form the basis of the MYP and should be at the core of the teaching of all subject groups. They contribute to an education resulting in global awareness, international understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity. Your PP has to be based on at least one AOI to illustrate your understanding and appreciation of the dimensions of AOI.

Why is the project called "Personal"?

This project is an opportunity for you to choose a topic you are personally interested in. It may be based on your hobby, it may be your dream you always wanted to pursue, but you never quite had the chance during your studies. It's up to you to choose also the nature of the project - from a research essay to a performance or actual product, to demonstrate your skills and knowledge you have learned in and out of the school. Completing a personal project might be a great preparation for your future studies.

What forms can the PP take?

The Personal project may take limitless forms, for example:
  • An original work of art (visual, drama, or performance)
  • A written piece of work on a chosen topic
  • A piece of literary fiction (that is, creative writing)
  • An original science experiment
  • An invention or specially designed object or system
  • The presentation of a developed business, management, or organisational plan, a special event, or a development of a new student or community organisation

How will be the PP assessed?

The PP will be assed with the help of the Final assessment criteria. Since you know them before the start of your work, you can work hard on each criterion. The sum of all these criteria will produce a single grade from the PP. And note, this grade will also appear on the final grade report!

Why is the PP different than other works done before?

Besides the fact that the nature of the project and the topic are your choice, you will be able to use the help of the PP coordinator, Supervisor and Consultants who can give you valuable help with your PP.

Who are the PP Coordinator, Supervisor and Consultants?

PP Coordinator is a person, who leads the whole PP in the class and checks all the deadlines. There will also be a Supervisor assigned to each student, who will help the student with the PP. And finally, the student is free to ask for help every person in or out the school who might improve his/her PP. This person, if before approved by the PP Coordinator, can be mentioned in the work as a Consultant.

How will be the work on the PP structured and what are the deadlines?

See seven stages and deadlines of Personal project in year 2010/2011

What you should keep in mind while working on your PP?

Whatever type of personal project you decide on, it should:
  • have a clear and achievable goal
  • be focused on at least one area of interaction
  • allow you to express a truly personal message
  • be the result of your initiative, creativity and ability to organize and plan
  • reflect your special interests, hobbies, special abilities, or concerns about particular issues
  • deal with a topic or area to which you are committed be entirely your own work - authenticity is very important and you may be required to
  • sign a document stating that the personal project is your own work
Your project must not:
  • be part of any assessed course work
  • take over your whole personal and social life, nor interfere with your studies, even though it will involve many hours of work
  • be too closely linked to any specific subject.